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Training and development for hospitality industry

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Reference listCannon, D. and Gustafson, C. (2002) Training and Development for the Hospitality Industry. Lansing, MI: American Hotel and Lodging Educational InstitutePlease be sure to read Chapter 10, pay special attention to the Insider Insights and the Hourly Employee Training Techniques. One of the techniques mentioned is Mind Maps and we will be immediately applying this technique in this week’s assignment. Please also be sure to view the Mind Mapping Tutorial as a resource.Mind Mapping can be a very useful tool when trying to make big decisions, to help you clarify issues, or to help you prioritize.YOUR TASK FOR THIS FORUM:Part I: You will create own Mind Map with the central issue being “Motivating Employees in the Workplace”, meaning you will put “Motivating Employees” in the center of your map and work outward from there.You can use a Word document to illustrate your Mind Map and incorporate Smart Art to insert shapes, photos, colors, etc. OR you can create  one-slide PowerPoint, again, using shapes/images/colors to illustrate your thought process. Either way…we are now in the Creative Thinking Module…so…BE CREATIVE!Part II: Under your mind map (or in the notes section if you chose to use a PowerPoint slide) please share whether or not you believe this could be an effective tool in either the workplace with regard to fostering creativity during training sessions or for problem solving. You might also comment on whether or not mind mapping could be useful in your personal life!


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