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Titanic Cove Resort

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Need help with my writing homework on Risks Assessment of Work Environment of Titanic Cove Resort. Write a 2250 word paper answering; This paper analyzes all the hazards, which are present in the workplace of Titanic Cove Resort as well as the risks associated with each hazard. Moreover, this paper puts forward suggestions and suitable measures for dealing with these hazards in order to reduce their riskiness. Cost-benefit analysis has also been done to state the costs and benefits related to non-compliance with the legislation, hazards and recommended controls. In the end, risks assessment table has been attached in order to provide the glimpse of overall situation at Titanic Cove Resort. Along with that, an action plan has also been prepared to notice how the suggestions and measures can be put into effect.

WHS legislation is the legalities and laws that are formulated for the health and safety of workers of organizations. All the employers and workers are required to comply these laws. Non-compliance with these can be hazardous for not only the workers but for the overall organization because if the workers are not performing up to the mark due to hurdles in working environment lack of good health, then it can result in monetary as well as non-monetary loss of the company. Examples of monetary losses include loss of profits, increased costs etc whereas non-monetary losses include loss of reputation, brand image, and goodwill. Complying with WHS Legislation is compulsory for every organization. Titanic Cove Resort also needs to comply with WHS Legislation because the number of hazards and associated risks are present in the work environment of the respective organization. Breaches of Legislation can provide a glimpse of the expected losses that might result in non-compliance with the WHS Legislation. A slight glance at the results of Breaches of WHS Legislation has been mentioned below.


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