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Compose a 750 words assignment on thrill and fun at six flags magic mountain. Thrill and Fun at Six Flags Magic Mountain Anyone looking forward to a great summer getaway should try the rides at Six FlagsMagic Mountain in Lost Angeles, California. Operating since 1979, the Six Flags theme park is home to some of the best rides in the planet like the Apocalypse, Batman the Ride, Dive Devil, Goliath, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor and a lot more. Those looking for family fun can likewise enjoy less-thrilling rides like the Buccaneer, Road Runner Express, Roaring Rapids, etc. while children can enjoy fun rides like Speedy Gonzales Road, Pepe Le Pew’s Tea Party and more. Six Flags Magic Mountain have three ride categories: thrilling, family and kids. The thrill rides are those often tagged in news as extremely thrilling and chilling rides, ones that can make riders feel like their nerves are cracking due to very rapid heartbeat and pulse rate. Family rides are those that are not totally disheartening for the thrill-seekers but are just enough for family with young kids up to ten years old. Meanwhile, there is fun and bonding with kids rides for families with kids three to nine years old.Thrill rides are unforgettable. They give thrill-seekers the chill that they seek for, and still come back for more. One of the famed rides is Batman the Ride. This ride is one of the G-Force rides that Six Flags is known for. Riders move like Batman, surveying the vicinity with an initial 105-foot lift then a 360-degree loop, plus a fully inverted roll and wingovers, and finally a corkscrew descent. Another famous thrill ride is called Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom. This free-fall ride is known for having the highest drop in the whole world. Six riders strapped on a chair will go up for ninety seconds to a 415-feet tower and drop at the speed of 85 mph. Those who have tried this ride have claimed it as the best ride they ever had. Still another famous thrill ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain is the Goliath. Similar to Lex Luthor, this ride runs at 85 mph. Goliath is similar to a roller coaster but a more hyper one. The giant takes its riders to a 235-feet height and drops them fast to another loop of 185 feet then a series of drops and rises that follow. Family rides are expectedly less-thrilling but are nonetheless fun. These rides are good for families, especially those with children around 10 to 14 years old. Some of the best rides include The Tidal Wave, Buccaneer and Roaring Rapids. The Tidal Wave is a boat ride for the family that is composed of a 50-foot waterfall drop, a headfirst drop to a pool then a tidal wave experience. The whole family will love how each member reacts to the drops and the splashes of water that go with the tidal wave experience. Another family ride called Buccaneer is sure to please children ten years and below. Riders aboard a ship experience weightlessness and verticality before dropping to untamed waves. Children will love the repeated swinging high in the air for less than a minute and the splash of water at the dropdown. Meanwhile, Road Runner Express, a coaster ride for people over 36 inches tall, is a ride with a 28-feet drop. The best thing about this ride is that it runs on a rail of 679-feet long in just a minute. With its minimum drop and speed, the Road Runner experience is best for starters and the whole family. Another family ride is the Roaring Rapids, another water ride experience that families can share. However, there is a minimum height of 42 inches for riders. The raft accommodates up to 12 persons and sails on an old man-made river for a wild rafting experience. Riders expect to get wet and have fun. Kids rides are also fun at Magic Mountain. Children will have a magical experience with the Grand Carousel, Pepe Le Pew’s Tea Party, Magic Flyer, and Canyon Blaster. Parents can feel young again with the Grand Carousel experience. This carousel features 64 hand-decorated horses that glitter with each slide, thus allowing a joyride back to childhood for grown-ups. Children, accompanied by their parents will also love the tall horses and colorful lights around them as they share laughter with parents and other children. Additionally, there is the so-called Pepe Le Pew’s Tea Party where kids at least 42-inch tall can enjoy a ride in spinning tea cups. Each colorful cup can accommodate a parent and a child, and spins fast under the riders’ control. Very fast spinning can be mildly thrilling but riders can also expect to feel a little dizzy after the ride. Moreover, there is the Magic Flyer, a mini roller coaster for children no more than 54-inch tall. Kid can ride on their own, and enjoy the freedom of riding their first roller coaster amid tall trees and up a 10-foot hill. Finally, there is also the Canyon Blaster, another coaster ride for the whole family. Children need to be at least 36-inch tall to ride alone. The coaster takes up to an 8-foot hill at 10 mph. and swings riders to mini drops and turns. Six Flags Magic Mountain is a sure hit every summer. The three kinds of ride the park offers will surely make bonding with families a memorable one. Young people seeking adventure can take the nerve-cracking thrill rides with friends and family while families who want mild adventure and safe rides can go take the family rides. Extremely careful families with very small children can likewise get on with the summer fun with kids rides for all ages. Work Cited“Six Flags Magic Mountain.” 2015. Six Flags. 28 February 2015. Web.

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