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Three booksellers

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Resources: Amazon’s website, Barnes & Noble website, and the website of a local bookseller Conduct research on the following three booksellers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a local bookseller of your choice in terms of business model, competition, and m-commerce capabilities. At http://www.amazon.com, click on Investor Relations and Careers on the bottom of the website. At www.bn.com, click Barnes & Noble, Inc. at the bottom of their website.

Prepare a six- to eight-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (.ppt / .pptx), including speaker’s notes.

Address the following: Define each bookseller’s business model and describe how they compete with each other. Identify the communication technologies used by each bookstore.

Describe the m-commerce capabilities of each bookstore and how each conducts their m-commerce activities. What advantages and disadvantages does m-commerce provide for each bookseller?

Be sure to include some images, so that your presentation looks sharp! You should include at least three clearly separated sections (with one or more slides each):(1) Amazon business model & analysis(2) Barnes & Noble business model & analysis(3) Local bookstore business model & analysis

Use APA formatting guidelines (for references and in-text citations.)Grading rubric will be the following (although I reserve the right to make minor adjustments to it):


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