Thoughts on 20th century art

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write a 1 page essay on Thoughts On 2oth Century Art.Salvador Dali, on the other hand, was very vocal about what the Nazi had systematically deprived the human race.Dali’s The Persistence of Memory had left a strong impression as a new representation of the qualities of time. Time, as we believe, is something that is stoic and unchangeable. However, in the painting, Dali depicted his surrealist impression of the collapse of this cosmic order. He had incorporated time, man and death in what is to become his most famous painting.In retrospect however, if I were to choose which painting I would want to for my own aesthetic pleasure, I would choose Dali’s two depictions of The Basket of Bread. It is probably because bread is not only the sustenance of one’s being but because it depicts his impression of Hitler’s irrational hunger.In conclusion, Picasso and Dali are both great artists and were able to influence a majority of artists up to now. I believe that being regarded as a sarcastic genius, Picasso was not compelled to look into the society’s evils as much as Salvador Dali. Picasso was imprisoned in his own secluded being that did not allow him to see what occurred outside. Whilst Dali has incorporated his personal convictions during a time of war and unrest into his art describing the reality

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