Thomas edison

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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Thomas edison.the day of his birth to have the commitment of trying more than a thousand times to light that luminous bulb, which unlocked the avenues of modern era of the human race. This calls for a tribute to this dedicated and triumphant inventor who brightened the world with his new source of light. Therefore, today, I will try to put some light on the life and achievements of this great inventor, Thomas Alva Edison as a personal way of giving honor and respect to him.This great inventor of the millennium, surprisingly, was unable to talk until his age of four (MacLeod & Krystoforski, pp. 11-14). However, since the age of four, family observed a miraculous change in Edison as he began to talk with keen interest and trying to know almost everything that existed around him. Although family members appreciated his interest, however, this created problem for his teachers as they gradually started taking Edison as a hyperactive and jumbled child. However, nobody knew that this child would be gifting one of the most precious gifts to the human civilization in future.Although this may sound funny, but Thomas once tried to try his luck in the acting before he began to test his invention. however, he was extremely shy person that inclined him to drop this idea. Nevertheless, he continued his fondness for reading and poetry that one often sees in a scientist or an inventor, and that is one of the extraordinary aspects of this great inventor. One more surprising thing about Edison was that at one stage, he began to dislike physics theories of Newton due to confusing terms. however, this even did not lessen his love for sciences (MacLeod & Krystoforski, pp. 23-27). This love for sciences and reading habits helped him a lot in understanding different scientific theories in his own way, another factor inclined him towards creating his own inventions.Belonging to a middle-class family, Thomas always felt the absence of a financial supporter, and for that, he put enormous efforts

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