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Thesis on a marketing plan

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Assignment

Create a thesis and an outline on A Marketing Plan for TESCO.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. At present, TESCO wishes to reaffirm its position in the market and retain customer loyalty by improving its image in the community. By this strategy, looks at further bringing the company to higher profit margins and more expansion in neighboring countries. It also works on further improving its acquisition procedures and pricing strategies to be able to sell at a more competitive price to its market, giving it an edge compared to competitors. While doing this, TESCO is looking at global domination through its expansion plans in the US and in Asia in the years to come. Retailing is also significant it its social dimension as well.

Whilst economically retailing bridges production and consumption, in social terms it effects most of the population every day. It is the rare person who does not go shopping or indeed has not worked in retailing or been involved in it in some way. For some, retailers offer their major social intercourse of the day or week and act as a social network, setting or center. The quality of UK retailing and its locations thus has both an economic and a social bearing on the perceptions of the country TESCO’s mission statement is to become the community’s caretaker, providing for the immediate needs of the community members by offering the best store environment to the customers. This way, customers will be enticed to return, resulting to repeat purchase.

TESCO is a grocery and merchandising retail chain, which is primarily located and based in Britain. It is the world’s third largest retailer and the largest in Britain. While it originally marketed food, it has expanded its product lines over the years and started including clothes, consumer electronics, consumer financial services, DVD and CD sales and rentals and other consumer goods. TESCO was first introduced as basically a Supermarket, which retailed various products and operated in&nbsp. various locations in the UK and nearby Scotland, Ireland, Poland, and other locations.

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