Therapy culture issues

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic therapy culture issues. Therapy cultures are being considered as highly important cultures and the demand for such sessions is increasing day by day. The different types of general problems are also increasing for employees day by day.According to Furedi (2003), the therapy concepts are not linked with dilemmas that are peculiar or in different states of mind of the individuals. Therapy is being taken as dealing with common dilemmas and state of mind that are being observed in normal human beings on a usual basis.There was a time therapy was considered as typically being applied to some unique cases but now every human being is gradually becoming prone to therapies. The states such as depression, stress, anxieties that are general, different types of phobia, and shyness are some of the common problems that are faced by the majority of the individuals (Howard 2005).The author Furedi (2003) also discusses that the individual experiences that are faced are being categorized as medical and psychological issues and this may directly relate to the emotional mindset of the individuals. Therapy concepts are not just visiting psychologists and having chat sessions with them, therapy is becoming an inbuilt concept in a society that is making mandatory compulsions on individuals for remaining competitive in the society and cope up with realities of life.Therapeutic claim-making has become one of the most interesting debates currently. Furedi (2003) suggests that individuals are most interested in acknowledgments that state that they need formal recognitions and approaches to cure themselves. The society pressurizes the individuals to consult psychologists and counselors to have sessions and discuss their problems so that their therapy sessions can start with them.

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