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Theory of CSR

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1. Compare and contrast the theory of CSR from Adam Smith and Milton Fridman, Give an example each.2.Why some ations are poor despite of the fact they are full of natural resources like oil and gold? Do you believe wealthy nations have the oral obligation of protecting poorer nation? Does multi national corporations play a role in protecting poorer nations? Support your argument with ethic theories.3.Explain in detail what is the individual factors and organizational factors that influences ethical decision making, give example. Compare and contrast the difference of teleological and deontological philosophy.4. if you are assets purchaser of a university, and your job requires you to purchase new computers for the university, you happen to have a cousin that is a wholesaler of computers and you are thinking to purchase from him. is there any conflict of interest in this scenario? what is the moral dilemma in this situation? what steps can you take to make sure your personal self interest doesn’t interfere with your judgement?5.Nowadays, most individuals work in organizations, discuss how does organizational environment  influence a person’s ethical decision making6. how to avoid unethical behavior?


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