Theology of church

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Sign each question number course name: Theology Respond to any THREE questions1. Any meaningful etymological discussion on the word “Church” involves the Hebrew qahal YHWH and the Greek ecclesia.

1.Discuss these terminologies in terms of the meaning of the Church as a called community. Comment on the Biblical text of Mathew 16 regarding the institution of the Church. 

2. State and elaborate on the insights from the article Mary of Nazareth and the Question of God by Maurice Agbaw-Ebai. What are the key insights that will constitute a theology of Mary’s Magnificat [Luke 1:46-55).

 3. What are the Sacraments? Why is Baptism the door to all the other Sacraments? State and explain the following: Sacraments of Initiation; Sacraments of Communion or Service; and Sacraments of Healing. 

4. What is the central question of the theology of the liturgy? Highlight the significance of any one text from the Book of Exodus that is crucial to the development of the theology of the liturgy. State and explain the key insights of Sacrosanctum Concilium. 

5. The four last things are death, judgment, heaven and hell. Elaborate.

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