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The Wounded Healer

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Write an essay on The Wounded Healer. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The way the author has made usage of the cultural analysis with regard to his own religious knowledge and know-how along with the psychoanalysis. The eventual outcome is of a balanced sort. The realization that comes across and is presented to the reader through the usage of the underlying tones running throughout the book is that of the basic and fundamental flaws and weaknesses that exist inherent in us all.

It is something that cannot be overlooked and overstated despite all circumstances and its essence has to be realized for the sake of a more balanced theological existence and predicament. What the author has tried to reiterate time and time again becomes a profound message to the reader-the sense of awareness that is required on the behalf of the ministry in order to preach and in order for that preaching to be effective.

The main ideas that come across quite profoundly in this book and novel are the ideas of psychology, psychiatry and spirituality. The book presents a strong message which has been lost somewhere along the way in the need to assert faith in a world which has become overcome by the need to have material success and gains.The distinction between asserting faith and the creation of religion as a means of asserting control have resulted in the fear that exists in the hearts of people and hence, their reluctance to profess the faith. This book has outlined the dire need that exists in the world of today to establish this important difference. The author has created a varying method of presenting religious theology as in this book. the minster is used as the method or rather as the example through which the counseling is carried out. The minster is presented in a good sense and this positivity allows the reader to empathize with this method of theological study. What is important to all humans is the sense of suffering from some sense of weaknesses and flaws which if emphasized by the counselor to be possessed as well, would allow the believer to have greater faith in the counselor.

It would allow the minister and the believer to have a bond which is presented in a manner which allows the reader to be aware of this special nature of relationship and bond. The reader is sensitized to this through the importance that is laid upon the counselor possessing these faculties. The key points of this book surround the notion of suffering. The author has laid special emphasis through a careful examination and analysis of this concept. All the varying characters of the book are suffering in some way or the other whether it is the minster, or the generation of even the entire world. A groundbreaking notion and what truly sets this book apart has been the idea that in order for the minster to be truly in sync with his services and in order to provide the best of counseling, he would have to be self-aware on all levels and hence, the suffering would have to be suffered by the minister as well.

The suffering if recognized by the minister deeply and if understood, would allow him to be attuned to the problems and issues that exist with the people and hence, this would be the focal point from which the services would begin from.


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