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The volume of a gas

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The volume of a gas is 32.5 mL at 29 Celcius and 0.994 atm. What will be the volume if the temperature decreases to 25 Celsius and the pressure increases to 0.998 atm?A sample of neon gas has a volume of 275 mL when its pressure is 0.985 atm. If the temperatures remain constant, what will be the pressure of the gas when the volume is decreased to 225 mL?At 112 Celsius the pressure of a sample of Nitrogen gas is 1.12 atm. What will the pressure be in mmHg at 215 Celsius, assuming the volume remains constant?A mixture of 3 gases A, B, and C is at a total pressure of 9.6 atm. The partial pressures of A and B are 2.68 atm and 3.11 atm . What is the partial pressure of C?i need work shown 🙁 plzplz i am literally a senior my teacher sucks at teaching and its the only bad grade i have and i get paid 8.56 an hour im not rich 25 is like all i can do. plz help a girl out plz plz plz


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