The Use of Documentary Film

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Write the following essay on The Use of Documentary Film as Historical Recollection. The essay is to be 16 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This paper approves that the skeletal figures of the walking-dead survivors, some so weak that liberation has come too late for them, though they are not yet dead. These are the images that do not appear in Marzynski’s documentary, but those which, if he has been successful, the viewer will seek to further understand the history of, and will, through investigation of the events, find on their own.This report makes a conclusion that the use of film documentaries as a tool by which to further inform an audience, and to serve as a permanent historical record of events, is a valid and reliable tool for accomplishing those goals. In the case of Marzynski’s documentary, it opens during the cold months of fall or early winter, and this important to the film because it conveys the environmental coldness of Germany. Marzynskis uses that coldness to help make his points, points with which he is concerned. that the Holocaust memorial will be a cold and unwelcoming place that will cause people to avoid it, and that it took an unequaled coldness of heart – like the weather – for the German people to allow the murder of six million Jews. Also, to emphasize that there remains an element of “coldness” in the hearts of many Germans today. Marzynski emphasizes this when, during filming of the site where the memorial will be constructed, the filming is interrupted by a German security officer who says the proper licensure has not been obtained to film the documentary there.

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