The spread of Islam

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Write an essay on The spread of Islam. It needs to be at least 500 words.Also, when a religion claims to be Universalist, it accepts the presence of other religions as a part of the bigger picture.When it comes to Islam, it recognizes and validates the presence of Abrahamic religions. they are called as the “people of the books”. Islam, started from the Arab about 1400 hundred years ago,has been spreading far and wide across the whole world. In this massive movement of the basic concepts of Islam throughout the world, there have been cultural adaptations of rituals and beliefs that have been added to the original ideas and thoughts. Considering a humanistic perspective, this is nothing sadistic about it as transference of knowledge from people to people, generation to generation, for 1400 hundred years is bound to have some infiltration, changes made to it. it can be termed as human error. The result has been creation of a diverse culture of Islam in different parts of the world (Omid, 2010).The basic theology of religion, has been the same and believed by all the creeds and is the same. However, the different theological schools have their own interpretations of the beliefs that they have carried forward for the last 1400 years. Emphasis to certain beliefs over other is present. The very fact that Islam and the Quran talks about inference and discussion over beliefs open ways for different interpretations of the core beliefs (Hussein, 2003).The problem where questions rise about the universality of Islam as a religion is when the different theological schools of Islam talk about the righteousness of their own sect, without tolerance for the other’s beliefs. Over the recent years, it has been seen that Muslims have been attached to only the secondary traditions and practices to a point where they have lost the basic spiritual teachings and violate the basic terms of the religion (Hussein, 2003).Islam has covered all aspects of a life, whether they are social, political, ethical or political thought. There is a

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