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The Search for Truth in the Holocaust

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Write 1 page with APA style on The Search for Truth in the Holocaust. Could they have invented their stories to bring the Germans in a bad light? If so, for what reason would they do so? There are a lot of questions raised in this quest for the truth whether in favor of the Germans or the Jews but what matters is not who a researcher is inclined to support but that, the aim of every researcher should be to dig out and expose nothing but the truth. In the interview of David Cole with Dr. Franciszek Piper (youtube.com), the interviewer cleared himself to be a Jew who claims to be an atheist but still respects and has nothing against his being a Jew. His cultural background may acquire him the benefit of the doubt for being fair in his inclinations about the subject matter however there are other matters that would still need to be considered.

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