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The role that parents or caregivers play

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Compose a 250 words assignment on describe the role that parents or caregivers play in the development of attachment and the role they play in promoting autonomy. is there a specific parenting style that you would recommend to assure the most effective development of both why. Q Ans. Parents’ role in the development of attachment between themselves and their children, and in the development of autonomy in children cannot be overestimated. The way children relate to their parents fundamentally depends upon the kind of parenting the parents have been delivering to the children. For example, people who deliver uninvolved parenting to their children develop very little or no association between themselves and their children. While they do fulfill the basic needs of their children, they are not emotionally attached or available to their children when the children need it. Likewise, authoritarian parenting deters the children from developing autonomy because the entire power is reserved by the parent. On the contrary, there is one parenting style that fosters the development of association between the parents and children as well as autonomy in the children, which is called as authoritative parenting. Authoritative parenting differs from authoritarian parenting in that unlike in the latter, parents in the former are more reasonable in their demands and expectations from the children, and are understanding and forgiving toward the children when they make mistakes. However, authoritative parents do establish a set of rules and guidelines for their children to follow. In their research, Karavasilis, Doyle, and Markiewicz (2003) found a positive association between authoritative parenting and secure attachment. Children also develop autonomy when given authoritative parenting because the parents dictate the children what is right and what is wrong by establishing the rules in the start, but listen to the needs and respond to the demand of the children. References:Karavasilis, L., Doyle, A. B., and Markiewicz, D. (2003). Associations between parenting style and attachment to mother in middle childhood and adolescence. International Journal of Behavioral Development. 27(2), 153-164.


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