The Role of the Financial manager SLP

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: The Role of the Financial manager SLP. Role of the Financial Manager: Apple Inc. s of Affiliation Role of the Financial Manager: Apple Inc. Interesting View about Apple Inc.Technology companies remain critically relevant in an age when personal computing and telecommunication gadgets facilitate the thriving culture depicting the emergent information civilization. In this respect, Apple Inc. offers a classic example that gives an interesting view on the status of a global smart technology multinational. Special focus goes to the hype around the company’s style of launching new products that have impressively high following around the world. The iPhone and the iPad brands remain, perhaps, as the most notable of Apple Inc.’s milestones of consumer goods presentation that thrill the global electronic experiences (Apple Inc., 2014). Coupled with the recent developments in the financial performance successes, Apple Inc.’s status as a towering figure among publicly traded companies continues to cement its business. Based on the strong brand presence and financial successes reported continuously at the company, success projections in the near future appear promising due to the sustainability of its business model. The utilization of high-end technologies at Apple Inc. continues to provide a promising future for the company’s growing market. The size of Apple Inc. in the American and global smart technologies segment correspond with the recorded revenue growth hitting $42.1 in the fourth quarter of the just ended trading period (Apple Inc., 2014). Further projections on the company’s future relate to the company’s ratings on management effectiveness standing at 14.96 per cent and 33.61 per cent for return on assets and equity respectively. The sustainability of the software and hardware model at Apple’s products portfolio enables the company to challenge for top honors in the technology market. Financial HighlightsApple Inc.’s towering financial power elevates it to the top of the list of American multinationals supporting tens of billions of dollars as stable investment value. Recent income figures in excess of $325 billion supported by quarterly gross margin growth of 38 per cent give an indication of the size of the company (Apple Inc., 2014). In these financial figures, $70.54 billion of gross profit implies that the company posted positive operations in the market that it continues to dominate. Stock Market PerformanceAccording to Yahoo Finance (2014), Apple Inc. trades as AAPL at Nasdaq stock market, with the recent stock market performance standing at a stable price of $109.70 (week opening Nov 10). The price of Apple Inc.’s share a year ago stood at $74.28, which gives an indication of growth by a growth of 47.68 per cent {(($109.70-$74.28)/$74.28)100}. Such figures justify the success projections given by other observations in growth in profits and brand image. Top Management Since the tragic end of the managerial stint of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, the current CEO took over to begin another promising run of the company (Wakabayashi, 2014). The management approach pursued by Cook appears to bridge the gap with other technology companies, such as Google, which appears to nurture strategic partnerships. Luca Maestri is the other influential figure at Apple Inc., with the mandate of strengthening the company’s financial and shareholder standing (Chasan and Wakabayashi, 2014). As a new entrant, Maestri targets creating closer ties with Apple’s shareholders through a strategic focus on the guarantee of protection of the shareholders’ returns. ReferencesApple Inc. (2014). Apple reports fourth quarter results. Retrieved from Chasan, E. & Wakabayashi (2014). Apple names ‘shareholder friendly finance chief.’ Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from, D. (2014). Tim Cook vision for his Apple begins to emerge. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from Yahoo Finance (2014). Apple Inc. (AAPl). Retrieved from

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