The Problems and Attributes of Nursing Assessment

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Write 1 page with APA style on The Problems and Attributes of Nursing Assessment. ?The first problem was when Jane became agitated, the nurse did not respond properly. Due to Jane’s age she was thought to have dementia when she complained about feeling locked up. Anybody in an accident can feel locked up when admitted to the hospital. The nurse should have listened to the woman more carefully and tried to soothe her or even have her son come and soothe her. This leads to the most important problem. A patient diagnosed with a concussion should never be sedated. This only causes more confusion and balance loss. It might have been a temporary fix, but in the long run was detrimental to Jane. Age was a big factor in the nursing style here. It does not matter that Jane was productive with no major problems. The nursing staff did not look past the fact Jane was eighty-three. When Jane stubbornly refused their efforts to feed and bath her, they would sedate her more. Of course constant sedation would mimic the affects of dementia. If diagnosed and treated with a concussion, all of Jane’s problems would have a different outcome, including her broken femur. 2) What are the problems and attributes of nursing assessment and subsequent diagnosis for Joan’s stay in the nursing home? Since she was written of as having dementia, Jane was not given a rehabilitation plan. If given a rehabilitation plan, Jane would have been more at ease knowing that she was going home. The sedation confused her more. If fewer sedatives were given and a rehabilitation plan given, Jane probably could have left the hospital before going into nursing home. Age profiling should not have occurred by the nursing staff. All of Jane’s problems could have been avoided by a different, more understanding nursing approach.

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