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The Position of a Financial Manager

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Write a 1 page essay on The Position of a Financial Manager. Application for the Position of a Financial ManagerI am proposing an application for the position of financial manager at Atlas industries that were advertised in the Daily news newspaper. I am confident that my skills are well aligned with the role and the innovative environment of Atlas industries. I trust that I would be an admirable fit for your organization. My studies at Brown University revolving around finance have permitted me to sharpen up my skills in finance management. I deem my knowledge in finance management and expertise that I gained while my time at Regional Financial and Bayplan Microfinance makes me a great addition to the Atlas industries workforce. During my time at Bayplan Microfinance, I received recognition for excellence in financial management after saving the organization from near bankruptcy to stable financial security in just six months.I believe my education, experience and track record makes me a superb fit for this opportunity. Please find attached my resume for your consideration. I will call on the 27th/3/2014 to follow up on my application. Do not falter to contact me at the time of your convenience for a personal interview. Thank you in advance.Sincerely,Cynthia Lewis.


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