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The opportunities for YSL

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Create a thesis and an outline on The opportunities for YSL to expand into the youth market. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This essay discusses that luxury fashion now plays a significant role in society and the economy, the revenue has raised every year no matter in western or eastern countries. More and more people are willing to put their budget on buying luxury goods even for their children. Globalization has made luxury fashion consumers have more choices to purchase, based on this circumstance. luxury brands need to create their brand strategy, unique selling proposition or market extension to face competitors. YSL is a French luxury brand with high reputation in the field of fashion industry, although its legendary concept has been deeply rooted in people for a long time, however, with the changes of time, it is a fact that YSL does not make a significant profit than in the past. How could YSL restore its splendid time and create its niche are the purposes of the dissertation. Many cases have shown that there is an increasing number of brands to launch second line to expand young market, it is believed that younger consumers are lucrative consumers, in addition, teenagers are more and more considered as potential luxury consumers and are therefore the focus of some firm’s marketing investments in an attempt to construct a solid and loyal consumer base. It is undeniable that today’s young consumers are tomorrow’s adult consumers, with more purchasing power. therefore, having them as loyal customers early will result in a loyal adult consumer base. Based on this trend, it could be an opportunity for YSL to launch a secondary lines in order to attract youth market. Luxury fashion industry commonly manipulates advertisement which “feature products, models, celebrities and society personalities in advertising to reflect the brand essence and message” to communicate with their consumers (Okonkwo, 2007). Advertising is regarded as an important instrument which facilitates the decision making of the young customers, if they are going to buy the products offered by YSL. Different claims had already been regarded about the influence and impact of advertisement to a specific target market. While it has been associated to other determinants, the impact of advertising with the perspective of aesthetics and beauty, specifically for women have became renowned in the global market. In this regard, this part aims on discussing the importance of advertising specifically to attract the attention of the young customers for YSL. In a common aspect, advertising has been used to impart to the target customers of a specific brand or product and how it can be accessed and purchase. In addition, it also provides crucial data and information, specifically the characteristics and features of the customers. When an efficient advertising is attained efficiently, this can result to an enhanced demand of the brand. The main goal and purpose of visual analysis is to attract young generation by using the aspect of advertising.


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