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The Marketing Mix: Distribution

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MKT302 Mod 3 Case: The Marketing Mix: Distribution Channels (Place). Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Appropriate Distribution Strategy for Each of the Products Distribution strategy requires to be primarily based on the aspect of gaining appropriate market coverage. In this regard, it is determined that distribution strategy can be categorized into three segments including intensive distribution, selective distribution and exclusive distribution. Intensive distribution is a process which is utilised to make distribution of low priced as well as impulse purchase based offerings. These offerings comprise soft drinks and chocolates among others. Similarly, selective distribution strategy refers to making distribution by the use of a limited number of retail based outlets. Household products, computers and appliances among others are generally strategized to be distributed under this method. An enhanced geographical reach can be attained through this method. In relation to exclusive distribution, it is determined that distribution process takes places within a particular outlet. Greater priced products which require the support of intermediary such as vehicles are distributed through this method. Generally, distribution of vehicles is made with the aid of dealers (Pierce College, n.d.. Iyer & Vilas-Boas, 2003). In this context, before providing a justified recommendation regarding appropriate distribution strategy for both automobiles and canned soups, it is prudent to demarcate them based on high involvement and low involvement purchase. The products which cannot be easily purchased because of their high price are called high involvement products and products which belong to the low price range and which can be easily purchased are called low involvement products (Douglas, 2006). Product offerings such as automobiles and jewellery are categorized under high involvement, while canned soups, fast food and magazines among others belong to the low involvement section. In terms of consumer purchasing decision making, for high involvement products such as automobiles as the consumer involvement would be greater because of high price thus exclusive distribution strategy can be followed. This distribution strategy would facilitate automobiles especially the companies to select particular distributors for their offerings. The companies can further train the distributors as per their requirements so that they are able to communicate efficiently about the products’ features and specialty which in turn can enable them to judge consumer behaviour. In this context, the distribution strategy of selecting particular intermediate inventory based storage points would be appropriate for automobiles within the process of exclusive distribution strategy. This is because in case of high involvement purchase such as automobiles customers’ generally are quite conscious about their purchase. Thus, they always intend to attain a thorough understanding about the high-end products that they are going to acquire. In this scenario, the use of exclusive distribution strategy with the aid of particular inventory based storage points would be quite appropriate. In case of canned soups, intensive distribution strategy would be quite appropriate. This is due to the fact that canned soups are considered as relatively low priced products and the companies generally should aim to make distribution of the said product at as many outlets or locations i.e. places as possible.


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