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The Life and Works of William Faulkner

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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: The Life and Works of William Faulkner. He had great taste for whiskey and by the age of seventeen he was a heavy drinker. He was some sort of a misfit all through his life due to his notorious nature, and the tendency of inventing his life stories. While still young, William became in contact with two particular individuals who he thought would be important in his life: E. Oldham (childhood sweetheart) and P. Stone (literary mentor) (Parini 3). Oldham was a famous, vivacious girl, with a social life full of energy, which enjoyed dancing and parting. Stone on the other side was a lawyer who had great interest in poetry. Both Stone and William had a mutual interest which was poetry and this was their binding factor. Stone realized William’s talent as he read some of his poems thus, started encouraging, motivating and advising him on the models of study (Weinstein 145).

Following Oldham’s Marriage, Stone invited William to New Haven to live with him. While here, William was employed by the Winchester Company of Repeating Arms, where he experienced changes to his surname probably due to a typing error. Faulkner (Blotner 10). William though did not work in this company for long, since he was later invited to Canada for a cadet training as a Royal Air Force (RAF). Earlier on William had been disappointed when he tried to join the U.S Air Force, but he was put down by his height. Due to that, he made numerous lies when applying for the Canadian Royal Air Force, as he attempted to seem British. He later served in the RAF for some time, and then decided to return back to Oxford in 1918 (Gray 50).

In Oxford, he engaged himself in a story telling life, where he shared exaggerated adventures he had encountered while in RAF (Oates 4). In fact, most of these stories were untrue as he told stories of the things he had done during his time as a military, which he never even did. His


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