The influx of library patrons

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

BackgroundMaplewood Public Library is located in a small but growing rural community that is rapidly becoming suburban as more people move into the area. The influx of library patrons has stretched this small library’s information system to its limits. The current system is computerized, but it was not designed to handle the workload that is now required. As librarians log books in and out of the system, it is not unusual for the information system to hang. Patron requests for holds or interlibrary loans still are done at the circulation desk. The library building has just been expanded to sustain increasing public visitors. Local leaders have agreed that a new information system is necessary for the continued operation of the library. You are an experienced systems analyst and have been appointed as project manager for the project.Tasks:I have to write a brief memo that explains how the library’s user interface will work. Include a description of the elements that will appear on the various screens. Describe how you will integrate help and feedback into the design.Design an input source document that will be used to capture the data for new patrons to get library cards. Should this form be a paper or computer based form?What reports should be available for patrons to the library? What output technology should be used for each report? Explain your reasoning.List some specific ways the library can design their system to reduce input volume.

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