The Importance of Marketing Orientation

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Importance of Marketing Orientation. Primary marketing research is needed. What does the customer want, what kind of product, which price is he willing to pay for the particular product and how is this particular customer group going to be approached. Who is the customer, what are his habits, what kind of media does he watch? Why should the customer prefer our business instead of the competitor? How does s/he like to be served? The answers to these questions will provide the company with valuable info which will help it to gain sustainable competitive advantage.The business London Bites (a takeaway sandwich and snacks shop) is not an innovative one, it does not sell anything exceptional so the customers will not come to it without some efforts from the business side. It also works in a market which is at the maturity stage of the life cycle i.e. competition is intense and there is a strong need for differentiation. This differentiation can be achieved through customer focus. The steps needed to be done for the customer focus are the following: customer research, the information of the research will help to develop the product range and finally customer satisfaction is checked and corrective actions will be taken.Due to its nature, London Bites can go even further and adopt the personal marketing orientation approach i.e.

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