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The idea of sandboxing and its techniques

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The idea of sandboxing and its techniques. In the year 1970, a project was launched with the name of Hydra Operating System at the University of Carnegie Mellon. The concept behind this project is that all the applications are protected and can execute their own area. The dynamic system domains are generated by the Sun to cope with the risk factors. In addition, Solaris Containers are launched by the Sun to execute the environments. The “trusted container” is marked in the Solaris 10. The isolated environments are deployed by the Sun Free BSD. These remote environments are also known as “Jails”. The deployment can be done via OS virtualization in which the jails contain independent files, user accounts and procedures related to a different IP address.The sandbox suffers from an incomprehensible method that allows remote system calls that are implemented on all the applications present in virtual OS. The virtualization methods have made the sandboxing procedure easier and hassle-free. The testing environments are generated by virtual machines that help in the implementation of brand new operating systems and software. The software is made sandbox compatible so that all the applications can run smoothly in a system. Chrome by Google has a built-in sandbox in order to protect the malicious code entering the system via the web. In the security model of Windows, a modified sandbox is built-in that automatically blocks any malicious content. However, the sandbox does not work on the system that contains any type of FAT or formatted partition. The applications that are mishandled by the vendors cannot be protected from malware by the sandbox. Moreover, the sandbox also generates isolated environments that are independent for instance. a sandbox is created by Ronen Tzur. This sandbox runs over Windows 2000 XP, Windows 7 and Vista. The applications that are run by sandbox include IM consumers, Web browsers, Online games, Emails, and other applications that are open for malware attacks.


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