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The historical development of the CSR movement

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Write an essay on The historical development of the CSR movement in the UK. It needs to be at least 1750 words.This research will begin with the statement that Corporate Social Responsibility is growing quickly in the world. It is termed as a business issue. It has attracted worldwide attention due to demands for enhanced transparency and corporate citizenship. It started to embrace ethical, social, and environmental challenges. Most companies know the social and environmental impacts associated with the production. Companies are not only expected to make profits but also be good corporate citizens. CSR has a close relationship with international development, and it is seen as a vehicle where large corporations can contribute to the well-being of most developing countries through responsible operations especially by social and environmental issues. Little is known about companies CSR policies and practices using an international context where large corporations abuse the CSR and act ethically towards the society and the environment. Such unethical issues are unsafe working conditions, gender discrimination, and pollution of water and sexual harassment issues raised by consumers and non-government organizing in the society. CSR in developing countries represents the formal and informal ways where multinational business companies contribute to improving the social and environmental conditions of such countries. Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept where firms cooperate social and environmental issues in business operations and integrate with their shareholders.


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