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The Golden Age of Food Processing

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Answer the following questions about “The Golden Age of Food Processing“ using the following article.How did WWII spawn the suburbs? What were American society’s expectations regarding the woman’s place in the home in the years following WWII? What social change contributed greatly to the rise of convenience foods? Explain the disparity between the life of the real housewife and the life painted by food industry leaders. What food led frozen food out of its semi-permanent slump? What caused the slump? What changes occurred in the food processing industry that led to ever increasing efficiencies of production? Why were these necessary? What happened to the taste of food during the golden age of food processing? What evidence is there that the government came down on the side of industry with the issues of nutritional value and safety? How did the new supermarkets impact brand loyalty? How did convenience food contribute to a classless society?


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