The Gestures and Body Language of Prostitutes

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment

Prepare and submit a term paper on The Gestures and Body Language of Prostitutes. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. The way in which the prostitute reveals him or herself through body language and gestures reflects the complexity of the human experience as it expresses power, submission, raw reality, and control.The relationship between artists and prostitutes has developed, primarily, because of the importance of the nude in artistic achievement. In polite society, it has traditionally not been considered appropriate to take off one’s clothes for anyone other than a spouse or a doctor. Therefore, prostitutes have been used for studies in the human body because they have been willing to disrobe for money. However, the association is deeper than just business transactions. The business of prostitution is in putting forth the most intimate part of the body as a product, while the artist puts forth the most intimate parts of his interpretation of the world for the world to browse. Beverly Solomon, wife of artist Pablo Solomon describes that changes in a prostitute as they are used to pose for a piece of artwork. She says that the prostitute is given the opportunity to express themselves in ways that have a dignity that may not be available in their normal work. The artist is, therefore, is eager to find the beauty that comes through at that moment.&nbsp. Solomon says “Perhaps the artist wants to show the thread of beauty and hopes that the soul of the prostitute is still clinging to”.In looking at paintings of brothels, the way in which a prostitute is portrayed is in the angle of the body and the sensuality with which she tempts her potential clients. According to Frans, prostitution became a topic in Dutch painting in the 16th century in reference to the story of the Prodigal Son. However, the theme of prostitutes began to develop into portraying them in inns and taverns where they were shown as temptations for leering men. An example of this is Dirck van Baburen’s Loose Company (1632) which shows a woman who is almost&nbsp.innocently happy with her companions, her clothes slipping away, her face radiating, and one of her male companions leering at her suggestively.&nbsp.

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