The Future of Nursing

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Write the following essay on The Future of Nursing. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Among the key contents of the report are recommendations by IOM on the future of nursing education in America. The report recommended that nurses should adopt the culture of full implementation of what they acquire during their education and training. American nurses should be proficient in their duties through the pursuit of education up to higher levels of learning to promote perfection, consistency, and coherence in nursing care. Recommendations outline in the report advocate full collaborating among physicians and other health care professionals in redesigning the health sector. Similarly, the report outlines enhanced information base for nurses, efficient labor planning, and improved data collection.The second recommendation of the report emphasized the need to revolutionize nursing education sector by achieving higher levels of education and training for all professionals. Recommended reforms in education are imperative in providing consistent and coherent academic progression in nursing education. Over the past, American nursing sector underwent several reforms aimed at enhancing the value of education for professionals. Reforms in nursing education are imperative in improving competence among professionals. Most reforms in American nursing education had positive impacts on the minimum level of education required for professionals before accreditation. For instance, reforms in the nursing sector outlined provision for a minimum of as Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. IOM report recommended that at least 80 percent of nurses in every federal health care facility should have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Aiken, 2011). Reforms shifted the focus towards employing only nurses possessing Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The change of demand to Bachelor of Science in Nursing has prompted revision of curricula in the institutions of higher learning providing the course. Apparently, most nurses in

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