The extent to which states can cooperate

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Write an essay on The extent to which states can cooperate. Write a 3500 word paper answering; Cooperation between States It must also be noted that according to Hoffmann (2009: 245), constructivism has come up as an alternative to the shortcomings of Realism, liberalism and neo-liberalism. Some of the thinkers in international relations and politics such as Michael Barnett see social constructivism as being occupied with the manner in which ideas construct international structure, the manner in which such structures the identities and interests of these states, and the manner in which states and non-state entities act to produce this structure. Constructivists see international relations as being underpinned and defined by tenable and persuasive ideas, social ideas, forces of acculturation and collective values. Against this backdrop, there are many who have championed for the triumphing of constructivism in international relations over ideals such as realism, liberalism and neo-liberalism. Many relations exist between or among states in the international arena and can be seen to have been underpinned by ideals of constructivism. In the first place, it is important to note that the era in which states started to cooperate among themselves does not only date back to as far as when the concept of a state was realised, but also expressly convey elements of constructivism. One can clearly see the manner in which the French Revolution (1789-1799) set off precedence towards cordial interstate cooperation. Seeking to maintain the balance of power. to restore legitimacy of rule.

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