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The End Of Fashion

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Write 3 page essay on the topic A review of the The End Of Fashion.The essay “A review of the book The End Of Fashion” provides the review of The End Of Fashion book. The point of argument is in relation to fashion and dress users. In this direction, Agins writes about the changes in various cultures and how changes in social attitudes have even changed the way people dress. She notes that unlike before, people are now more concerned and conscious about the kind of clothing they patronize and reasons that influence their trend of dressing. The final point has to do with the marketing trend for fashion, which can be related directly to the first two issues discussed. Indeed if the new line of fashion will not suit what consumers want and consumers naturally change their attitude towards dressing, the end result will be that the success of marketing will be affected. There are prevailing factors accounting for what Agin calls the end of fashion and for that matter the three points of argument discussed above. Nellis lists three of these factors that led to the end of fashion as change in people’s value with regard to fashion, top designers stopping their gamble on fashion and people stopping dressing. Indeed these factors used and pushed forward by Agins could best be described as a strategy in her writing where she avoided the use of complex theories and principles that would only take the elite mind to understand. By linking the end of fashion to these three factors, her arguments are easily spelt out for quick understanding. On the change in people’s value for fashion.


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