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The Discussion and Analysis on 1 Enoch

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Write 12 pages with APA style on The Discussion and Analysis on 1 Enoch. The research paper shall dwell more on how basic findings and results put forth by the author of the book fits into our modern-day setting of apocalyptic studies across various theological institutions around the world. This final point is indeed an important component of the paper because it is only when there can be a justification of the essence of the book being analyzed in today’s contemporary world that the whole discussion or study of the life of Enoch can be considered as relevant to the 21st century theology student (Shump, 2009) 1. The book being analyzed is identified through the standard bibliographic format as follows: Whiles some scholars give two major and distinct divisions to the book, others give five distinct divisions. From the perspectives of the school of thought that gives two major divisions to the book, they hold the opinion that the first division deals with the fall of the Watchers, who happen to be the angels who fathered the Nephilim (Gardener, 2009)2 while the second division deals with the visit that Enoch had to the Holy Place of heaven. From the school of thought that holds the assertion that the book can be viewed from five major divisions. they label the first division as ‘The book of the Watchers’ and claim that these are made up of the first 36 chapters of the book. This is followed by ‘The book of parables of Enoch’, which covers chapters 37 to 71 and otherwise known as the similitude of Enoch (Hamilton, 1967)3. The 72nd to 82nd chapters are known as ‘The Astronomical Book’. This is so-called because it is said to be made up of the Heavenly Luminaries, sometimes standing as the name of the third major division of the book. ‘The Book of Dream Visions’ is the name given to the fourth division and it is made up of chapters 83 to 90 whiles ‘The Epistle of Enoch’ concludes the book with chapters 91 to 108. Indeed, the school of thought that holds the divisions of the book into five sections give a clearer and more defined enlistment of the main points of the book as presented by the author.


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