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The Brand Strategy of Gucci

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Create a 39 page essay paper that discusses The Brand Strategy of Gucci.The Gucci spirit, which is essentially a passion for a vibrant lifestyle, is kept alive by succeeding generations of creative designers, the more remarkable of whom was the American Tom Ford, noted for his strategic use of sex in design and advertising and currently, the Italian Frida Giannini, who understands best the wants and needs of a Gucci woman. This study includes an analysis of sex as communication and marketing strategy. Gucci, during the time of Tom Ford, communicated in an aesthetically effective manner that Gucci was selling a lifestyle, particularly sexual freedom among women. This is different from promiscuity. Gucci endorsed living a sexually fulfilling life, being in control of feminine sexuality and sexual relationships from a feminist point of view— as conceptualised and executed by Ford’s ad designs. This study also looks into the consumer behavior and the psychology of luxury. The buyers of luxury items are the youth in America and Japan— mostly single career woman staying with their parents. and the older people in Europe. The concluding part evaluates the study’s strength and weakness, as well as mentions details of a proposed topic for future research. Gucci is a brand name synonymous with finely crafted leather bags and shoes. Italian brand of quality, exclusivity, prestige, and luxury. This study seeks to explore how Gucci succeeded as a brand and evolved to iconic status. This study includes a comprehensive literature review of branding as a marketing strategy, and then a discussion of what is branding, and the social equity of Gucci branding. The focus of the research is the branding strategy of Gucci. In order to understand such strategy, the history of the Gucci business empire is traced back to Italy in 1921, when Guccio Gucci first designed a luggage line for high-end hotel guests.


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