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The Birthplace of the Founder of Buddhism

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Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Birthplace of the Founder of Buddhism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It was in the month of May, 642 BC when Maya Devi on her way to Devadaha, her parents home gave birth to Lord Buddha while resting under a sal tree. The nativity scene of Lord Buddha was built by the Malla kings during their rule which lasted from the 11th to the 15th century in the Karnali zone of Nepal. This wonderful work of sculpture which was initiated by the kings of the Naga Dynasty is worshipped not only by the Buddhists but by the Hindus as well. When Lumbini was visited by Ashoka, the Emperor, in 249 BC, it was a prosperous village. The stone pillar with a horse on its top and the four stupas which we come across on our visit to Lumbini was built by him during this period. From the inscription on the Stone Pillar, we can also derive the information that it was during this visit that taxes were reduced in the village and it was subjected to only eight parts. (Insoll, 66)However, despite being one of the stalwarts in Indian History, Lumbini was subjected to negligence for several centuries till the time a famous German archeologist while traveling around the foothills of the Churiya range discovered the great pillar in the year 1895. His name was Fisher. At a later stage, the existence of a Brick temple and a sculpture of sandstone carrying images of Buddha’s birth was found. After further exploration, it was found that the temple of Maya Devi was possibly built on one of the Ashokan stupa itself. On the south of this temple is a bathing pool named Puskarni which is considered to be sacred and the pages of history reveal that in this pool Maya Devi took a bath before giving birth .to Buddha. In 1996 an archeological survey carried out is said to have found the exact location of Lord Buddha’s birth, if it gets the recognition it will definitely lead to more pilgrims visiting this holy place. Several shrines are said to have been built by the devotees recently which makes it even more beautiful.(Lumbini – the birthplace of the Buddha) .The stone slab which is located near the Sanctum Sanctorum is the subject of most interest amongst the followers of Buddhism and historians because it marks the exact place where Buddha was born. The bas – relief image of Maya Devi holding on to a branch of the sal tree with her right hand and Buddha standing on a lotus pedestal with an oval halo circling his head which previously was a part of the White temple is now shifted has been totally removed to make further excavations possible. .One of the major attractions of . Lumbini is the . Buddhist temple which is built in accordance with the . Buddhist shrines of modern times in . Nepal. Inside the temple, there is a . large prayer hall which . contains an image of . . Buddha. The walls are decorated with a . style that existed during the . Medieval times. When we shift our attention to the places around . Lumbini, . we are reminded of the famous place called . Kapilavastu, a . place located . 27 km west of . Lumbini which is considered to be the capital of Shakya Republic. According to historians, Lord . Buddha spent the first thirteen years of his life in this place. .


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