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The Attica Prison Riot

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Write an article on The Attica Prison Riot. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Dreadful living conditions contributed to the main cause of this revolt that later spread across other facilities during that period.Throughout the time of protest, the management should have improved the living conditions amidst the innumerable requests of the prisoners. This would have majorly prevented George Jackson from taking the lives of the guards. Their demands were highly necessary such as improved medical conditions, proper sanitation, quality food and supply of basic necessities. Also, the brutal treatment of the guards and total disregard for the human lives on the part of the officers led to angry complaints and total unrest. Of the 27 demands set forth by the inmates, only a few have been accepted for amendment.During the initial stages of the riot, the authorities agreed upon 28 of the demands laid down by the prisoners. Some of the most important demands that were close to the heart of the inmates such as the suspension of the prison Superintendent or the official pardon concerning prison control. Also, it involved Governor Nelson Rockefeller giving the state police the power to take control of the prison. This led to a lot of deaths of the inmates and those who were in charge. It would have been wiser for the warden to take charge in the early stages of the riot by granting the basic rights of sanitation to the prisoners such as adequate shower and toilet rolls and also delivering mail on a timely basis and by avoiding punishments such as solitary, iron yokes and sweatboxes.3. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of Commissioner Oswald’s strategy. Describe his management style (identify a specific management style—see the textbook, icons on the homepage) and provide your assessment of his conduct during this riot.&nbsp.


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