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Write a 1 page paper on :texas tough: the rise of americas prison empire (perkinson). Texas Tough: The Rise of America’s Prison Empire (Perkinson) of Texas Tough: The Rise ofAmerica’s Prison Empire (Perkinson)1. The presentation that was reviewed for the purpose of this paper has been conducted by Robert Perkinson. It should be noted that in the presentation, the author has been able to discuss the change in the American imprison system. The credibility of the presentation’s speaker is quiet high because he has mentioned a number of facts on the basis of researched inquiries. The author has carefully researched for the facts by taking interviews of convicts, jail wardens, guards etc. 2. The factual subject that I agree with as discussed by the speaker in the presentation under review include development issues which were possible because of Northern beliefs and the question regarding incapable imprison system in Texas. However, there is one area of presentation that I disagree is that African Americans being arrested mostly. It should be noted that the era when Texas’s imprison system was being overloaded with convicts. African Americans were no different in measure as white Americans. This has been challenged by critics as well when the speaker published his research (Perkinson, 2013). 3. The reason behind presenting this subject as a presentation for the practitioners of criminal justice system is because it is the basis of setting up policy that can benefit the roots of the system. It is significant for the practitioners of imprison system of American to think from the other’s point of view because in this way they can solve many critical problems and undertake effective decision-making (Perkinson, 2013). References ListPerkinson, R. (2013). Texas Tough: The Rise of America’s Prison Empire (Perkinson). Retrieved from Booktv.com: http://www.booktv.org/search.


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