Telemonitoring of heart failure patients

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Find this article, Telemonitoring of heart failure patients and their caregivers: A pilot randomized controlled study. Progress in Cardiovascular nursing, 23(1), 18-26. Telemonitoring Research Describe the population for this study. The study was aimed at assessing the effect that telemonitoring of heart failure patients had on future readmissions. An advanced practice nurse performed the telemonitoring, hence, the study sample comprised of advanced practice nurses and heart failure patients. In this study, the researchers used 100 patients, with two patients per caregiver. This study sample was categorized randomly into two groups after the discharge period. In total, it is only 84 dyads that were able to complete the study.2) How was the sample selected? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this sampling strategy? As mentioned above, the study sample was selected randomly to yield 100 dyads each comprising of two patients and one patient nurse. Random sampling involves choosing a study sample with no particular system or bias, and whereby each of the chosen study samples has an equal effect in the study. The strength of this random form of sampling is that it eliminates potential bias that may exist through the use of a systematic form of sampling. However, random sampling has its own weaknesses in that a study sample with undesirable traits may be chosen in place of one with the desired characteristics. This may lead to inaccurate results.3) Were the subjects in this study vulnerable? Were there any risks for them as the result of participation in the research study? The study subjects were not exposed to any risk, hence, were not vulnerable in the study. The participants were simply interviewed after their discharge from hospital and they were interviewed 3 months later so as to check the effects of telemonitoring on their quality of life. None of these practices posed any risks to the participants of the study.4) Are there any HIPAA concerns that are evident in this study? There are no HIPAA concerns in this study. HIPAA guidelines stipulate that researchers should pay keen attention on how they handle the patients’ confidential and protected health information (PHI). All this information was kept confidential when the researchers conducted their activities. It is important to uphold these principles in nursing since it enables participants of a research to be free in the research. This will ensure that the researchers gather the results that they want.5) What methods were put in place to ensure that the subjects were giving true informed consent? Before the study, the subjects were informed about the nature of the study and what the researchers hoped to gain from it. They were also assured that the study was not going to put them in any risk whatsoever, and that the findings will be of benefit to them. They signed consent forms, and throughout the interview period, the patients were involved in the research exercise. The study findings were also passed on to the participants of the study.6) What was the setting for the study? The study was set in hospital facilities around the nation. Participants of the study were interviewed after they had been discharged from these facilities, and after telemonitoring in home settings, they were interviewed 3 months later so as to establish the effect that telemonitoring had on their readmission instances.7) Was the sample adequate for the research design that was selected?The study sample is adequate for the nature of study carried out. Initially, the researchers began with 100 dyads but 84 completed the study, which is over 0.75 times those who began the study. This number is adequate since adequate comparisons would be made so as to come up with universal results.ReferencesSchwarz, Karen A. IngetaConnect. Telemonitoring of Heart Failure Patients and TheirCaregivers: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Retrieved on 25th March, 2012 from

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