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The chosen technology of interest is 5G cellular communications.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emerging_technologiespart 3 Once you have identified the article, please craft a narrative essay that discusses your identified technology. Here are sample questions and frames that could/should be discussed in your narrative.What is the technology? What is the problem it is meant to address?What are the preceding/supporting technologies, which were required to create this technology? Note: You should identify and think critically about the connections and possible evolution of the prior technologies. You can use patent databases to trace many technologies due to requirements of noting similar.What technologies could be supported as a result of this technology? Where could it lead?What is the potential effect on society? Positive? Negative? Social structures effected? Employment? Education? Could this technology create any social upheavals or unrest? Equity and Diversity? Inequality? Environmental concerns? Impacts?Could this technology impact employment, product, demand? Require retraining, or new educational opportunities?Does the technology meet a labor market demand?Is the technology supported by governmental research programs?Note: These are only sample questions, you should consider the conversations from your readings, and course discussions, as you complete your narrative essay. The bold text are questions that should be discussed in all submissions.part 4Once you completed the previous steps, complete the following:1) Create a Powerpoint Presentation- Create a Title Slide: Name of Technology, Name of Team Members, Course Name, Date- Create an overview slide with a list of discussion/objectives of the presentation- Create 1 or more slides per step to illustrate and provide guidance for your presentationsee the attached part 1 and 2  completed


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