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Technological transformations

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Accurately and effectively communicating ideas, information, arguments, and messages to present material in a historical context.Investigating and evaluating historical information from global, social and ethical perspectives to guide decision making. Group ( Builders and Architects) and trace them in the readings from the ancient world through the 20th century. For the ancient world, prehistory will certainly work, but beginning with the eras of Egypt or classical Greece and Rome will suffice. With your chosen group, trace the technological transformations in their lives and the changes in how they see the universe. Be sure to address all of the following in the essay. These points and questions overlap and may seem a bit redundant; they are designed to ensure that you explore the power of shifts in knowledge:How did your group view the working of the universe, and did how that view change because of changes in the body of knowledge?At what points did the universe change for your chosen group of people? How did it change?How did changes in knowledge or technology transform their truths?How were they affected by the creation of major institutions or changes in their ways of life or the ways others now lived? Did social structures change? If so, how?What was now possible (by the end of the readings) for them that had not been before, or conversely what was no longer possible for them as a result of changes in technology and / or knowledge? Trace these changes back to shifts in technology or advances in knowledge.Finally, and perhaps most importantly, how did technological change affect this group differently from other groups?  Technology allowed this group of people to think on the bigger level. mean they were able to image the most difficult architectural projects and the technology helped them achieve these goals.


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