Techniques in written and verbal formats

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Essay on Demonstrate appropriate and effective techniques in written and verbal formats to prepare and deliver presentations, including the effective use of research, organization, visual aids, and APA citations. Paper must be at least 500 words. The situation or message is clear, it is about positive thinking. The message is universal. There is no specific audience being targeted by the presentation. It is directed to all individuals. The aim of the video is to encourage all those watching the video to think positively. In lieu of a speaker, the thoughts of the creator of the video are expressed through the captions. Simple sentences are used yet they are very meaningful and effective at driving the message to the audience. The sentences are easy to understand. thus, it is able to reach out to audiences of different intellectual backgrounds. The background music that accompanies the presentation serves to enhance the video. It helps to capture the attention of the audience. The music chosen is appropriate with the message that wants to be communicated to the viewers.The second video is “How to change your negative thoughts” (Melnick, 2008). The message of the presentation is also about positive thinking. In this video, one sees a speaker talking in front of an audience. The author is obviously persuading her audience to change their perspective in life, that is, to eliminate the negative thoughts and convert them to positive thoughts. The speaker is able to get the attention of her audience through eye contact, changes in her intonation and pitch, and through her nonverbal skills. She emphasizes various points in her speech through changes in her facial expression, tone, pacing and volume. She is able to send concise messages with the help of the body language which she employs to stress a point. She uses counterarguments to convince her audience. One observes though that she speaks quite fast which may be a hindrance in communicating to her audience because they may not be able to accurately receive and comprehend her message.Comparing the two videos, one thinks that the video on “The Secret” is more effective at communicating the message on positive thinking.

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