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Target architecture

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Question 1Answer the following question. Use facts and examples to support your answer. Use APA style for any references.Using Figure 5.4 as the target architecture, who are the threat agents who will be most interested in attacking Web applications created through AppMaker?Need a 1.5 pages two different APA papers on above question. Total 3 papers. No plagiarism.Image attched below.Question 2Activity: Find a company offering different products and discuss what the company did to retain its customers under particular circumstances.This activity/assignment will help students understand the importance of retaining existing customers.Need a 1.5 pages APA format paper. No plagiarism.Question 3Portfolio Project: This week select an organization that has a Global platform (they operate in more than one country), that has demonstrated operational excellence. In this paper, perform the following activities:· Name the organization and briefly describe what good or service they sell and where they operate.· Note how they are a differentiator in the market.· Note the resources used to ensure success in their industry (remember resources are comprised of more than just people).· Explain what actions the company took to achieve operational excellence.Need 3 pages APA format paper. No plagiarismQuestion 4Practical Connection with the Course1. Course: Windows Registry Forensics, Job: Pentaho ETL/OBIEE Developer2. Course: Windows Registry Forensics, Job: Software Test Engineer3. Course: Marketing Management, Job: Software Developer/AnalystNeed 1.5 pages of 3 different papers of above question. Total 4.5 pages. Use any organization while writing paper but add course and job practical connection in detail. No plagiarism.Question 5:Motivational ConceptsSelect one company that doesn’t successfully employ the organizational behaviour technique, and explain how they don’t /why not/what’s the result. Also, separately discuss your own workplace, and whether it uses the technique successfully.Need 3 pages APA format paper. No plagiarism.


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