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Tansparent lobbying

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Write the following assignment on how eu shale gas companies engage in transparent lobbying. Based on the success of the resource in other parts of the world, particularly the United States, some EU member countries such as Polan has already started the commercial exploration of shale gas. The official EU level position, however, is that lobbying is still ongoing for a position to be taken as part of the Energy 2020 strategy by the union. This paper, therefore, examines the issue of transparency with the lobbying processes and how different stakeholders both for and against the exploration of shale gas have gone about their lobbying. Shale gas which is natural gas found in shale formations is considered an unconventional fossil fuel that addresses most environmental issues posed by conventional fossil fuel. With the success of shale gas in the United States, the EU is strongly considering creating a shale gas revolution for the region (Morton, 2013). Talks for such revolution started in 2009 and today, the result is a chain of businesses whose line of trade is focused on the exploration, drilling and transportation of shale gas for selected member states. Shale gas exploration has however become a central issue of an academic and professional discourse given the fact that there is no EU level consensus for the exploration of the natural resource (Naumann & Philippi, 2014). Consequently, most EU countries are not certain about their impact and have therefore banned it temporarily in their history. Such countries include France, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and North Rhein-Westphalia (Burnham et al., 2012). In the remaining sections of the paper, how shale gas companies have used transparent lobbying to ensure that they get the necessary approval to engage in exploration is critically examined. As indicated earlier, shale gas exploration comes with doubts among some member states on the safety of this unconventional natural gas for domestic&nbsp.and industrial usage (Klemens, 2011).&nbsp.


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