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Need a reply post for each discussion1. Tactical tasks for a negotiator in distributive situationThe goals of one party are in direct and fundamental conflict with the goals of the other party in Distributive Bargaining. In many cases every party want to expand their resources although they are fixed. There are four important tactical tasks for a negotiator in distributive situation to consider. They include the following:-We should be in a position that we can able to ensure some of the elements like the target of the other party, the resistance point and the cost that is incurred when all the negotiations are terminated. This can be made by indirect assessment and in-order to establish this a negotiator should be in a position to estimate and determine the information used for setting the targets and the resistance points, how he can able to navigate these situations and go forward and should able to give interpretation of this information. He should be in apposition to give the estimation of cost that will be incurred when the negotiations are terminated. The indirect indicators can be a very good source and they can speak to the known and recognized experts by using all the observations that were made by them and they can able to calculate and access the resistance point of the party by including the available documentation and publications. (Fleming & Hawes, 2016).There are situations in which the party will not involve in revealing the accurate and precise resistance points, expectations, and values of outcome when Direct assessment is used in distributive bargaining.A negotiator should make sure that he/she should be in a position of estimating the cost incurred by the termination of negotiation and the resistance point and should give good guidance in forming preferred impression of everything. A negotiator should manage the impression of the other party. In screening it is good for the negotiator to express and say as little as possible and suggested is to ask as many questions for the other negotiators. For the purpose of altering impressions, a selective presentation can be done in direct action. This includes following: The moderators can uncover certainties that just help their case, the enthusiastic responses of the recommendations, realities and other conceivable results and guaranteeing that you can lead the other party to have the capacity to type of their purpose of opposition or then again have the capacity to offer chances to the new potential outcomes for the assetions that are more enrapturing and great to the moderator than the ones that exist. It is great to take note of that there are dangers when making direct move: there is the impression of contemptibility.A negotiator should involve in modifying the cost incurred in terminating the negotiations and the resistance points and also the perceptions of his/her target of the other party. Being in a situation to anticipate a troublesome activity by expanding the expenses of not being in a situation to achieve the arranged assention, being in a situation to shape a coalition with the outcasts who can extraordinarily impact the result of the transaction and participating in controlling the booking of transactions which consequently can put the other party at an extensive burden by having the capacity to shield you from the activities of the other party.(Chow et al., 2015).2. Assess the other party’s target, resistance point, and cost of terminating negotiations- The target point of a negotiator is obtained when the goal is reached, this is a point where the negotiation can be concluded. The main goal of the negotiator is an aspiration. The resistance point of the negotiator is where he will not go beyond it. The negotiator shouldn’t disclose the resistance point to another party. For the buyer the resistance point is high and for the seller the resistance point in low (Svanberg, Öhman, & Neidermeyer, 2018). Thus, before negotiation is started the target and negotiation point is established. After the resistance point next is the bargaining zone, where the settlement of the agreement is done. If the resistance point of the buyer is more, he is then willing to pay more, thus this known as the positive bargaining. Lastly, for an agreement to be successfully settlement point should be reached. Manage the other party’s impression of the negotiator’s target, resistance point, and cost of terminating negotiations- To manage the impression of other party alternative negotiated agreement shouldn’t be made. But, if alternatives are attractive then the negotiator asks to settle the goals higher and very less concession is made. But, if the alternatives are not attractive then the bargaining powers of negotiators become less. The resistance point of the opponent is pushed for the settlement. The other party should change their resistance point. But, if the settlement is turned to be negative, then the resistance point of the other party should be changed and also the resistance point of the negotiators should be modified. The other party should also be convinced that settlement is the best process. Thus, the key point is to discover the resistance point of other party and also influencing that party’s resistance point. Modify the other party’s perception of his or her own target, resistance point, and cost of terminating negotiations- The outcome of the negotiation should appear less attractive. The cost of getting the goal should appear even higher, and the position of negotiators should become less attractive and whatever suits the needs of the negotiators. There are few modifications that should be done, they are- providing a BATNA and try and improve it too (Chapman, Miles, & Maurer, 2017). The reservation point should also be determined but it shouldn’t be revealed. The other party’s BATNA should be determined and changes should be made accordingly. But, the aspiration set by the negotiators shouldn’t change; it should be realistic and optimistic. The concession should also be planned previously and any change in the situation will immediately change the concession. And the trick of an even split is what that the negotiator should believe. Manipulate the actual costs of delaying or terminating negotiations- If there is any delay in the negotiation then the cost should be increased and it should be given to the other party. Be friendly with that of outsiders, the involvement of other parties is important so that they can help in time of need. The manipulation made should be scheduled beforehand as any party would be vulnerable to delay. If the negotiators are not satisfied then he could reject the initial concession (Sigurdardottir, Ujwary-Gil, & Candi, 2018). The negotiator should be firm such that the negotiation is reciprocated properly and the negotiation is shortened. But the range of bargaining decreases if the offer is close to the negotiation point. The negotiator may accept the offer which is better than that of the target point.3.  I would like to pass the bill to allow the casino gambling in our state. where gambling is the best past time and remains the most popular form of entertainment over the years.Pros:1 Most of the residents who live near to casinos are earning good, because of the jobs which are provided by casinos and most of them get paid for their residences as well because of the casino taxes.2 Few states are inviting for gambling palaces and boat gambling, which are offering lotteries with billions of dollars and are using them for children education and medical programs.3 Casinos are employing not only few people working in casino but also helping cellular phones and cable TV industries.4 People can participate in lottery games and they can earn very huge amount and could enjoy and have fun for some time.5 There won’t be any stress while understanding the game rules, very easy to play and will have lot of gaming options.Cons:1. The gamblers are becoming unemployed, arrested also facing lot of issues.2. People are facing with many mental health problems by playing the games continuously.3. In practically thinking, its impossible for the people to win every time they play and winning is purely based on luck.4. Gambling creates many health problems and sometimes they will be very addictive and creates mental problems.5. Because of the addiction, few people are facing problems lack of food and sleep.6. Risks associated with the boundaries and forming gangs which may threat the people.Conclusion:   It is like for every winner there will be a loser in casinos. The gambling is very dangerous if you are not careful and cautious. But we can see that, there are good paying jobs in casinos which could help economy. for example, in las vegas unemployment rate is very less and with no personal taxes for the people because of casinos. So the bill should be passed as it helps our state in good economy.4. From Ages, casino gambling has flickered significant debate regarding its economic viability and its positive and negative effect on society. A continuous debate is regarding whether legalizing the gambling outweigh pros over cons or not, and this fundamental question can be addressed with the use of distributive bargaining on various issues like economic growth, socioeconomic analysis and what do the suitable role of government with respect to casino gambling depending upon the issues within the state. In order to promote legalization of casino gambling all the principle fundamentals of different nations like United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia were studied in order to understand the ramifications of legalized casino gambling.To the pass the bill as a junior congress person, I want to help in promoting this bill by stating all the advantages facts which might be helpful for it to arise towards passing the bill. The main fact I want to mention is which is very helpful for the State to grow economically and financially (Arthur Anderson Inc. (1997)). By promoting this bill, the State’s Tax and Revenue collection can be increased. We can support this by providing a real-life example. Prior to 1980, casino gambling is not legal in every state in US but its legal only in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Nevada. From then If we observe the rapid change many states in US have approved legalizing casino gambling. They legalized this rule because with these they can observe the growth in their economy with tax and revenue not only to the state and it is useful for the government and the locals in the area can gain employment, and there will be a growth in the retail sales in local area. As we discussed, the increase in the state revenue can be used for different purposes like promoting the public education and developing the industrial sector and making modifications to the public areas. To achieve our goal at the same time we need to make sure the security measures were properly taken regarding the gambling and to avoid violent crime, theft or any other inappropriate behavior and, we need to strictly follow the age limit should be followed strictly. The safety measures we need to follow are the ones we can consider them as cons also.In any situation, there will be some sort of difficulties before promoting any new bill, and in this case these cons are confined to drug dealing activity, crime rate, negative effects on adults, family & relation obligations but the impact of these negative effects can be minimized by privatization of the gambling industry(Calvert, G. (1999b)) which leads to increase in efficiency of services and proper utilization of availability of products because private have solid motivations to deliver better services at reasonable prices.


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