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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses System Evaluation Paper.The retailing industry is one of the dominant users of POS terminals. The POS unit handles the sales to clients and other functions such as inventory control, purchasing, as well as storage of sales information for reporting purposes. Retail Point of Sales typically incorporates components such as all-in-one workstations, back office servers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, check readers, graphical customer displays, handheld data collection devices, keyboards, label printers, monitors, pole displays, receipt printers, signature capture devices, time clocks, and weight scales. The implemented comprehensive POS system has additional components such as payroll time clocks and customer preference databases (Green, 2012). Thus, the system removed the need for the retail business to invest in separate systems for such purposes.Prior to the implementation of POS, the retail business (a sporting goods store) encountered problems in card processing, managing cash transactions, and inventory management since the business was using an electronic cash register to record sales. The retail business encountered problems such as the inventory not matching the tallies and some sales going unrecorded. It was against this backdrop that the managers of the retail business decided to purchase and install a point of sale system complete with both hardware and software components.The implementation of POS systems rested on the analysis of several factors such as reliability, downtime, standardization, checkout, and compactness. The POS system avails efficient and accurate calculations when clients are purchasing goods. In addition, the system enhances sales and productivity, besides minimizing the number of operators and time waiting when purchasing commodities. The costs associated with the implemented POS system include cost of

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