Sushi digesting genes review

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Compose a 1000 words assignment on sushi digesting genes review. According to Ed Yong, microbes in their hundreds of trillion are found in Japanese bowels. He makes further findings that the cells are more than what humans have to the ratio of ten to one. Comparing ‘gut microbiome’ to an organ that aides the human body to breakdown molecules that the digestive system may not otherwise digest on its own. There is an observation that the molecules which are of carbohydrate nature are indigestible. He further comments that by consuming carbohydrates found in seaweeds and algae will help the digestive system to perform as they are rich in sulphur.Comparing the ability in the digestive tract to change genes, Ed Yong concedes that genes are not limited to the inheritance lineage. The human body has the capacity to change genes through transferring the horizontal gene. This involves to a large extent the genes kingdom that can be lent out to the preferred donor who receives Zobellia Galactanirorans a seagoing bacterium. In the Japanese cuisine, Nori which plays host to Zobellia is a common ingredient used in sushi wrapping and dish garnishing. The observation here is that upon consumption of the sushi, marine bacteria and algae are swallowed and become resident in the gut of the human body. The digestive system is tasked through genes to tackle the marine meals carbohydrates as well as the algae. There is an observation made that energy from an extra source prevails for the gut bacteria to break down the carbohydrates though there are some genetic remnants.

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