Successful functional therapy

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Find research articles in a peer-reviewed source about a successful functional therapy. Summarize the article by answering the following question: What is the therapy? How is the therapy used for illness prevention, health promotion, and heath restoration? Give an example of how this therapy can empower patients? Identify the actions you can take to work with patients who use functional medicine and safeguard a patient’s rights that choose to use this therapy. What are some of the limitations of this therapy? Include any other pertinent information. Your paper should be 3-4 pages, including:


Title page, reference page according to APA Writing Style spacing and margin settings (APA Style)My instructions- This is a assignment I have to do for a Nursing class and is about functional Therapy. Down below I will give you some information about Functional Therapy so you can use these documents to support you paper but you MUST!  Find research articles in a peer-reviewed source about a successful functional therapy and summarize it and also answer all the question that the teacher wants. Articles are attached use them to do the paper but you must research a peer-reviewed article and write about it.**** The paper must be APA STYLE and must have a references page, no plagiarism and must be 15% or less in turning

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