Study on facial expressions

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Assignment

It needs to be answered using a calculator not excel, and the numbers should be exactly as the ones in the calculator no round up. (2 points) A study was conducted to see how people reacted to certain facial expressions. A sample group of n = 36 was randomly divided into six groups. Each group was assigned to to view one picture of a person making a facial expression. Each group saw a different picture, and the different expressions were

(1) Surprised

(2) Nervous

(3) Scared

(4) Sad


(6) Angry.

After viewing the pictures, the subjects were asked to rank the degree of dominance they inferred from the facial expression they saw. (The scale ranged from -10 to 10) The data collected is summarized in the table below. Surprised Nervous Scared Sad Excited Angry1.91.9-20.70.410-0.4-1.5-1.60.4-1.5-0.5-1.4-0.5 -1.3- the following ANOVA tableSourcedfSSMSFExpressions51.215833330.24316666’0.13688819:Error3053.29166671.77638889Total3554.5075000:0.98242109

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