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Write a C++ program that computes student grades for an assignment as a percentage given the student’s score and total points. The final score should be rounded up to the nearest whole values using the ceil function in the header file. You should also display the floating -point result up to 5 decimal places. The input to the program must come from a file containing a single line with the score and total separated by a space. In addition, you should print to the console “Excellent” if the grade is greater than 90, “Well Done” if the grade is greater than 80, “Good” if the grade is greater than 70, “Need Improvement” if the grade is greater than or equal to 60, and “Fail” if the grade is less than 50. The main function is responsible for reading the input file and passing the appropriate arguments to your functions. Here is an example of what the input file might look like:Weems 50 60Dale 51 60Richards 57 60Smith 36 60Tomlin 44 60Bird 45 60The program output should be:Enter the input file name: c:/grades.datWeems 83% .83333 Well DoneDale 85% .85000 Well DoneRichards 95% .95000 ExcellentSmith 60% .60000 Need ImprovementTomlin 73% .73333 GoodBird 75% .75000 Good note* clarification of two things for end-of-chapter project 5. (1) The number of students in the input file is unknown. You should use a while loop to detect EOF. (2) Arrays are not allowed to solve the problem. Homework assignment is attached

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