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Stressors in your Life

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Write an essay on Stress Self-Assessment and Reflection on the Stressors in your Life (anticipated & current). It needs to be at least 500 words.My main source of stress is unbound expectations from my parents, siblings, tutors, and friends. Although these expectations compel me to improve my performance, they stress me often. I also have academic objectives that I have to fulfill during my tenure as a student. As time progresses, I have discovered that I have not fulfilled most of my academic goals.

Moreover, my performances in various do not meet my expectations. The need to meet personal academic expectation and those of my guardians has made schooling increasingly stressing. Coupled with increased expectations from my tutors, schoolwork is becoming difficult day by day. Assignments are essential to my academic life, however, increased expectations from lecturers has made them intolerable. Apart from the academics, I am not contented in my current environment. Currently I live in a noisy neighborhood, which has contributed, to my levels of stress. Noise from moving vehicles and busy streets has made the neighborhood intolerable. In the current states of events, having sound sleep or concentrating is becoming extremely difficult.

Moreover, been incapable of resolving the issue stresses me most. Although I have bright expectations, I am frightened by the increasing rate of unemployment. Arguably, I am stressed by the rising rate of unemployment in the country.The text “Stress Management for Life” by Michael Olpin and Margie Hesson has endowed me with essential technique to deal with stressors. Additionally, the book empowers readers to thrive in a state of personal wellness, through effective stress management strategies (Hesson, & 2013). I prefer personalized approach to stressors, whereby each type of stress is addressed independently and according to its source.


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