Strategy for the early childhood development

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Asociación Taller de los Niños (ATN) is a Peruvian NGO developing since 1995 a Strategy for the Early Childhood Development in their center located in San Juan de Lurigancho. According to the I4H project, one of our objectives is to provide one or two recommendations that will enable ATN to begin to strengthen the management system and to improve the present management of information system. Therefore, the question I want to discuss in this literature review is “how to explore a public and private partnership potential model for monitoring and evaluation work in Lima, Peru”.Some of the resources are also attached and not  limited to these sources. You may find more sources related to the topic.Instructions: Identify a business problem and write a literature review comparing and contrasting the views of at least five sources (articles, books) that address the problem. Your review should evaluate each source, its methodology, and the strengths and weaknesses of its claims, taking a position on which elements of these studies are applicable and would have the most value for your sponsor (thesis). Parameters of the assignment are as follows:- Scope: four pages (1000 words)- Format: APA (double-spaced, 12-point font, in-text citations, reference list, etc.)Thanks a lot for your help.Attachment 1Attachment 2Running head: MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF PPPs MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF PPPsNAMECOURSEPROFESSORINSTITUTIONDATE Monitoring and evaluation of PPPsLiterature Review:Asociacion Taller de…

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